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My VCAP 6 deploy experience.

Having to retake any exam is tough to do. With VCAP exams this is something you can expect on occasion as there is a lot of material to cover and the workflow of the exam does not forgive mistakes kindly.

Overall I had a positive experience during the exam.   It was mentally and physically challenging. Mentally in the doubtless learning new tasks to do the same thing in 3 different ways and physically in respects the exam is 3 hours long without breaks so you will feel exhausted in the end. The reward is worth it!


Here is how it went.
NFS creation was the first question. This is something that can catch you out. All the questions are looking for here is the nfs IP address and the name of the datastore. You will feel panic if you spend too much time on this question which can fail you overall.  Every question needs to be attempted.

The last question is to configure minimum requirements for login to ESXi.


When I saw I was on question 26 the VDP question with 15 minutes to spare I knew I had passed the exam. Only 2 questions caught me really even though I managed to figure out 1 with about 40 seconds to spare. That leaves us with just the powercli question which I did the configure section but did not have time to debug.


On to the design VCAP now so a lot more reading ahead ! 🙂




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