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The VCIX Journey.

Please read the article below to see how I managed to clear the VCAP Deploy exam.   Both offer a different set of challenges.  The VCAP deploy is all hands on and navigation of vCenter and deep diving into creating and managing storage networking vMotion alarms RPO and backups.

My VCAP 6 deploy experience.

The VCAP Design was a different beast and proved very challenging.   The exam is heavily weighted towards project management and getting to terms with the best design decisions which can be made for a wide range of scenarios.  While I was studying, I found the vBrownbag video series invaluable.  

Here is the blue print I created in an easy to follow org chart.

It is very easy to go wrong in the exam.   It will take you a full 2 hours to complete.   I had 20 minutes to spare at the end as this was the second time I have taken the exam.  If you have finished the exam after 20 minutes then you have likely failed.   Each question I gave a comment for each part of the question and gave my reasons for making the choice.    So you will be taking your time reading and rereading each question and justifying your answers.    The training material was a massive amount of learning and it took me places I never would have gone: ).  Overall I got great benefit and insight from the exam. 

My preparation had taken me to a state where I couldn’t have done much more so I was quietly confident.

On to the VCDX dare I say it !!! 😊



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