Remove stale/duplicate SRM entries from PSC 2.0

Things to know.

  1. SRM solution user should match the VRUI user. See example

/usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ list –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –type VCDR

RESULT SRM-5abc29cb-fc9a-46b4-a157-72be62820b34@vsphere.local

/usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ list –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –type VRUI

RESULT Service ID: h5-dr-5abc29cb-fc9a-46b4-a157-72be62820b34

The IP addresses should also match.

To remove a stale entry

/usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ unregister –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –id h5-dr-5abc29cb-fc9a-46b4-a157-72be62820b34 –user ‘administrator@vsphere.local’ –password ‘VMware123!’ –no-check-cert

For all the other commands including the windows commands please checkout my original post

Please find commands for 7.0 below:

/usr/lib/vmware-lookupsvc/tools/ list –url http://localhost:7090/lookupservice/sdk  –type com.vmware.vcDr
/usr/lib/vmware-lookupsvc/tools/ list –url http://localhost:7090/lookupservice/sdk  –type VCDR
/usr/lib/vmware-lookupsvc/tools/ list –url http://localhost:7090/lookupservice/sdk  –type VrUi

/usr/lib/vmware-lookupsvc/tools/ unregister –url http://localhost:7090/lookupservice/sdk –id ‘Service_ID’ –user ‘administrator@vsphere.local’ –password ‘password’ –no-check-cert 

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