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Upgrade VMware Tools

#Export the CVS from the flash client 6.5.

#Save your ExportList.csv.

Import-Csv ExportList.csv |

foreach {

#Pulls  the var from the CSV

#”guestToolsUnmanaged|10304″ is a test value I want to avoid upgrading.
$strNewVMName = $_. “Name”
$toolsVersion = $_. “VMware Tools Version Status”

if( $toolsVersion -ne “guestToolsUnmanaged|10304” ){echo “requires upgrade” + $strNewVMName

  #Update VMtools without reboot
    Get-VM $strNewVMName | Update-Tools –NoReboot
      write-host “Updated $strNewVMName —— ” }


{echo “does not require upgrade” + $strNewVMName}






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