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Unable to pair VRMS after PSC certificate update. Thumbprint mismatch on the VR site pairing.

Dump database of both VRMS servers from either site.

cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.3/bin/

For 6.5 VR

cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.5/bin/

./pg_dump -U vrmsdb vrmsdb > vrmsdb.dump to backup the db .  For larger dbs backup to a newly added disk.

echo "SELECT * FROM vmomiserverentity" |  ./psql -U vrmsdb vrmsdb

Snapshot VR appliances with a nonmemory and non quiesced snapshot.

Example update.

./psql -U vrmsdb vrmsdb

update vmomiserverentity set thumbprint = 'C5:A1:31:FA:1F:A5:90:32:90:DD:3E:5F:49:A3:EA:51:79:4C:FE:A3' where dbid = '330';

Repeat for remote site if required.
Reconfigure site pairing. 

Sites should now be paired.



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